Occasionally, you might need to modify your workout due to lack of equipment or physical limitations. This guide is here to assist you with finding alternatives mainly due to equipment constraints, such as not having a pull-up bar or a plyo box.

Finding Alternatives

If you find yourself unable to perform a specific exercise, consult the “Modification” button within each session. This feature offers a range of scaling options, catering especially to those who have physical limitations or lacking a specific skill.

Community Support

For any specific queries or if you notice missing information, remember that as a Fitness Academy member, you have exclusive access to our private group. Here, our coaches are ready to provide advice based on your unique situation, helping you optimize your workout routine.

Pull-Up Bar

Pull-UpEquipment Options:
Inverted Row (Barbell, Rings or TRX-like equipment)
Bent Over Row (Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell or any type of Odd Object)
Banded Bent Over Row
Banded Lat Pull-Down

No Equipment Options:
Table Body Row
Pillowcase Door Row
Floor Sliding Pull-Up
Toe To BarEquipment Options:
Lying Leg Raise to Dumbbell or Kettlebell
Reverse Crunch

No Equipment Options:
Alternating Leg V-Up
Sit-Up (Any Variation)
Bar HangSide Hold (Dumbbell or any type of Odd Object)

Plyometric Box

Box JumpBroad Jump
Box Step-Up (Bodyweight or Weighted)Forward Lunge (Bodyweight or Weighted)
Box Step-Over (Bodyweight or Weighted)Walking Lunge (Bodyweight or Weighted)


Bench Chest Press (any variation)Floor Chest Press
Tricep DipFloor Tricep Dip or Hands On Dumbbells Tricep Dip (be careful)
Seated Shoulder Press (any variation)Kneeling, Tall Kneeling or Floor Seated Shoulder Press


Wall WalkWalk Out
Pike Walk Out
Handstand Push-UpPike Push-Up
Regular Push-Up