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So good 👍 and friendly

Avatar for Tiko Agir
Tiko Agir

Good morning, merit note that the programs are always very varied, fun and dynamic and I find myself very well, note of “demerit” that sometimes I have to understand the WOD well that sometimes I can’t always interpret it and with the substitution exercises I don’t find myself, I don’t understand if I made the right choice that is reported, but I can admit that it is also my difficulty; )

Thank you always for the constant support you give to users

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Simplicity and easy to follow!

Avatar for Tiago Gil
Tiago Gil

Hello, I’ve been training with you for two months, I really liked your training plan because it’s accessible for different fitness levels. I myself already feel a great muscular and cardio improvement. you are to be congratulated!!!

Avatar for Rejane Santos
Rejane Santos

Excelente me gusto la forma de como combinar todos los ejercicios sin dejar de ser exigente al máximo

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Mario mendez

I like the program, I want you to do more exercises, more activity

Avatar for Jefferson

A very good and effective program

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Mohamed El tamimy

very good mix of workouts and easy to follow. I like the progression both day to day and week to week and am happy with results so far.

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Excelente programación.

La recomiendo !!!

Estoy muy contenta x los logros alcanzados !!! Gracias.

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The best workout!

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Get programing with plenty of variety. Don’t currently see a better product out there.

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jamal g smith

Excelente rutinas precisas y concisas

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Joan tapia

Me encanta y aprendo demaciado de cómo organizar rutinas excelentes 💪🔥🔥

Avatar for Merli1121

Love all the aspects of this program. I can get a great workout whether I have all the equipment or very little! Would absolutely recommend!

Avatar for Jen

This plan will be perfect for me to take my endurance and stamina to the next level ..

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