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This is the perfect workout to do at home or while traveling, it’s easy to follow the videos of the exercises are on point and has a variety of options to modify be it for equipment or training level.

All at a very reasonable price.

Avatar for Carolina

I love having a daily workout set along with extra helpful programs included. They give a variety and you’re able to complete it in under an hour.

Avatar for Shelby Gorges
Shelby Gorges

I don’t have a lot of time to practice and not a lot of equipment.

This program is perfect for me !

Thank you

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Excellent program for everyday training if you are looking for a realistic 1h wod a day that you can easily combine with a family, kids and work.

Avatar for Cristian

Hervorragendes Training und perfekt für zu Hause!

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Sebastian Winkelmann

This is my 2nd time to rejoin this offer. This is really a helpful and very useful workout.

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Jaime Del Monte

My name is Evencio Geant, I am 58 years old, almost 59 in December, I started training with Fitness Academy 7 weeks ago, I am in week 8, after 2 weeks I also included weight training, I have been there for 5 weeks, I am in the sixth . I felt pretty good, it seems like a super workout! I do it in my living room. I’m not one to record myself training, maybe one day I will! I do not speak English well, I am writing with a translator, excuse me if I put something wrong. I congratulate all those who made the decision to start here, I hope you are doing as well as me! keep in touch! hug!

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Evencio Geant

I’m really enjoying these workouts! They’re always challenging and there’s lots of variety so they’re never boring. I love the organization into upper body, lower body, and full body. You can adjust the weight you use as needed and there are alternative exercises to substitute if you need to. The videos are great when you’re learning a new exercise. You need minimal equipment and the program is very reasonably priced. I’m glad I subscribed and highly recommend this program!

Avatar for Howie

I’ve been doing training on my own since beginning. So, i was little sceptical about joining the program but after going through the workouts, I literally feel that something was missing in my training. Haven’t tried these workout ever. They tested my strength and endurance to the limit. I recommend WOD Academy to everyone who wanna get strong, improve their fitness level.

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Aman Roperia

Very helpful tool to train by ourself and still being highly stimulated.

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Francisco Ramos

The workouts are extremely effective – and very challenging!! Especially for a 62yr old – highly recommended!!

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Dennis Baril

Easy to follow at home. Complete, simple and effective programming. Very well complemented by the strength program.

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Fitness Academy is a great program for anyone from beginner to advance levels of fitness. I really appreciate how simple the program is yet it is highly effective. It’s perfect for people who have a busy life but want to be fit because it doesn’t require much as far as gym equipment goes and it doesn’t require hours in the gym. I’m a firefighter so it works well on or off duty because I can get in, get a great workout, and get out without taking up a lot of time. Fitness Academy also provides substitutions and modifications plus movement videos. You never have to wonder how to do a workout or a movement and it’s a program designed for everyone. I really can’t express how awesome this workout program is I just hope you check it out for yourself.

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Jon Rynerson

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