What is Paul’s Law?

Paul’s Law is a straightforward concept utilized in rowing. It posits that a balanced rower should increase their 500m split time by five seconds for every doubling of distance. It serves as a quick tool to gauge whether a rower needs to focus on improving speed or endurance.

Using the Calculator

To make use of Paul’s Law, a rower doesn’t need to perform multiple tests. Simply conduct a benchmark test, like a 2000m time trial, and then employ this calculator to estimate paces for different distances. It aids in setting accurate target times based on known results, saving time and effort.

Calculator Tool

Use the calculator tool below to integrate Paul’s Law into your rowing strategy, helping to fine-tune your training regimen with data-driven insights.

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Debate Surrounding Paul’s Law

It’s worth noting that opinions on the accuracy of Paul’s Law vary, particularly concerning longer distances. While a significant number of users appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness, there are critiques regarding its precision.