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Fitness Academy’s workouts are overall well balanced and quite demanding. They keep you sweating during the whole workout and with a good sore afterwards. Definitely a great option if you have limited equipment (as myself) or access to a gym; and the cost is even better 🙌

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I satisfied overall with the weekly Fitness Academy training. I like the quick and to the point warm ups. Often if the scheduled warm up is too long, or difficult, I tend to cut them short. I like the structure and especially the variety because I will get bored very quickly during repetitive programming. I understand the workouts are designed for at home (and limited equipment) but it would be great if some commonly owned machines like rowers could be included as part of the workout or even as alternates.

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J.R. Wall

Good for girls

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This program is just great if you want to improve your overall condition and get huge amount of different excercises.

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I’m only a few days into Fitness Academy, and I love it. 17 months postpartum with baby #4. This programming has helped me ease back into CrossFit at my own pace.

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I just love it a lot

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I love the programming! Every plan I’ve gotten has been outstanding, am happy to have found Coach Serge.

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Love the program. I’d suggest ( to add variety ) some kettle bell exercises. I’ve seen results within 6 wks of following it. I’m a runner so these are great endurance and strengthening exercises! Worth every penny!

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Don’t have equipment? Don’t have enough time to squeeze in a workout? Look no further WOD Academy is for you! All you need is dedication and some endurance cause it will kick your ass (devils press). I love these workout they couldn’t be laid out for you any better. Trust me you won’t regret this program.

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Jose Silverio

the warm-ups are sometimes a bit soft …. it is possible to put some mobility please🙏🙏🙏

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Response from Fitness Academy

Normally, our warm-ups are a simple series of exercises that are meant to elevate your hear rate and prepare the required muscle groups for upcoming workout. Depending on each week’s conditioning workout structure, a warm up might include a small dose of plyometrics (jumping, skipping) and a variety of holds (hollow, planks) for practicing tension. It’s not meant to be overly difficult or over complicated. Feel free to reach out via the Facebook group or email to elaborate on warm ups being “soft”, so we can make appropriate changes if need be. As for mobility, we will begin including it in our sessions very soon!

hello, the truth is that I have felt great with this way of training, I have seen great results, my body is changing progressively and I feel more and more energy in myself, and best of all for low cost, great changes with little equipment . i really recommend it

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Fernando Tovar

Excelent! You guys are Amazing with organization and workouts!

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Loraine Zayas

WOD Academy provides 5 detailed weekly WODs. They provide scaling options; whether you don’t have specific equipment or to modify your workout needs. The also suggest specific weights to be used for each WOD. I highly recommend WOD Academy for your at home workouts!

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Workouts with videos incase you don’t know the movement. Everything can be scaled or substituted which leaves zero excuses.

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Prajna Reynolds

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