8-Week Air Bike Program

Boost Endurance, Enhance Work Capacity, Speed Up Recovery

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Program Overview

Kickstart a fitter, healthier you with our 8-week air bike program. Designed for those looking to step up their endurance game, this program requires a commitment of just 3 sessions per week. Whether you have an assault, echo, or air dyne bike, this program is your ticket to accelerating your fitness goals.

What to Expect

  • Duration: 8 weeks, 3 sessions per week
  • Focus: Building endurance and comfort on the air bike
  • Structure: A progressive plan that ramps up in intensity and volume each week
  • Pacing: Tailored to your fitness level, determined by a 10-minute benchmark test or a simplified pacing option
  • Suitability: Designed for those with some experience with the air bike. (Note: Beginners, please refer to our beginner endurance program (currently in development))


  • Foundation: Build a solid aerobic base.
  • Endurance: Build stamina to maintain higher output without slowing down during workouts.
  • Work Capacity: Enhance your ability to handle intense workouts.
  • Recovery: Speed up your recovery between sessions and even during transitions within your mixed modal workouts.
  • Understanding: Gain a clear understanding of the purpose behind different pacing strategies and their benefits.
  • Beyond the Bike: Experience benefits in other non-cycling training aspects, including faster heart recovery post-exercise, better work capacity, and improved tolerance to high-intensity discomfort.
  • Improved GPP (General Physical Preparation): Boost your overall physical condition, benefiting other sports activities you engage in.

Exclusive Access

This program is available to all active members of our daily training program. If you’re considering adding a structured air bike routine to your training, now is your chance.

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